Atomic Cool Portable Personal Cooling System

Atomic Cool Portable Personal Cooling System
Air conditioners are bulky, heavy, and send your electric bill soaring in the summer. And your old oscillating fan just blows hot air around. Yuck. Atomic Cool™ is a powerful personal cooling system that turns dry, hot air into moist, cool air – like a personal swamp cooler. Atomic Cool™ uses special H2O Cool Fusion Technology to transform your air into the just right temperature! Simply fill the water chamber with water. Then, set the fan speed to low, medium, or high. It’s the lightweight and super portable solution to your summer sizzle! Atomic Cool™ cools up to 50-square feet. Take it along on trips, in the RV, or the college dorm. It’s powered by electricity, so you can you use wherever you have an outlet. **Atomic Cool™ is not an air conditioner and should not be expected to perform as one. Latest electronic components from todays most innovative manufacturers camera

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