Deluxe Climb Cart Stair Climbing Folding Cart

Deluxe Climb Cart Stair Climbing Folding Cart
Upgrade your Climb Cart® to the deluxe model and enjoy the freedom to move anything anytime you want! Climb Cart® is the innovative folding cart that climbs stairs with you. It replaces your folding shopping cart, making carrying groceries a breeze. The sturdy tube construction carries up to 75 pounds. Climb Cart®’s 6-wheel design allows the wheels to pivot up stairs, distributing weight evenly. The 4-inch all-terrain wheels glide smoothly over any surface. The Climb Cart® Deluxe includes a rugged jumbo carry bag that has a waterproof lining and large exterior side pockets. Use Climb Cart® to carry groceries from your car, move your daughter into her dorm room, as a rolling cart to assist you with simple carrying tasks around your home, transport bags of soil around your garden, and so much more. Stop lifting and start rolling with Climb Cart® Deluxe! Latest electronic components

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