Hurricane Fur Wizard Deluxe Lint Brush

Hurricane Fur Wizard Deluxe Lint Brush
It’s im-paws-ible to clean fur and lint from your clothes. Hurricane® Fur Wizard™ is an extra-large double-sided lint brush that bids fur-well to fur. Micro-bristles line each side of the lint brush and grab fur, hair, and lint from your surfaces like little fingers. With the upgraded Hurricane® Fur Wizard™ Deluxe, you’ll get 2x more micro-bristles. That’s 2x the grabbing power of the standard Hurricane® Fur Wizard™! Fur Wizard’s extra–large size allows you to capture more fur and lint in a shorter period of time. Your tape lint roller wastes sheet after sheet and refills are expensive. Fur Wizard™ is a completely reusable pet hair remover. It has a self-cleaning base that removes pet fur, hair, and line, which collects in a removable base clip. One dip and your Fur Wizard™ is instantly clean! Remove the base clip to dispose collected hair in the trash. Stop going

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