No Spill Large Ice Cube Tray

No Spill Large Ice Cube Tray
Dread making ice? No matter how slow and carefully you walk, water spills out of the tray. Prevent ice tray spills with a No Spill Large Ice Cube Tray. The covered ice cube tray has a clear lid. A hinged door on top of the lid opens so you can fill with water or your favorite juice. Since the lid is clear, you can see how much liquid is filling each ice cube compartment. Close the lid when you’re ready to transport to your freezer. No more overfilling. No more breaking sheets of ice. Each ice cube tray is stackable so you use minimal space in your freezer. Other ice cube trays make removing ice a chore. No Spill Large Ice Cube Tray is flexible for easy ice cube removal. Ice pops out instantly! This ice tray makes ice cubes that are 4x larger so your drink stays colder longer. Try making juice cubes to add to water or tea. Or use the ice cube tray to freeze bullions or spice bases for e

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