Pocket Hose Bullet

Pocket Hose Bullet
Dread watering your lawn because you garden hose is a pain to move around and wind? Other hoses kink, split, and tangle. You’re left with a mess that’s impossible to wind. That’s why you need Pocket Hose Bullet. It’s the lightweight, super-compact expandable hose that grows! When you turn on water, the hose grows to a full-size garden hose. When you’re finished, just turn the water off and Pocket Hose Bullet shrinks back to a portable Pocket Hose. There’s no winding and struggling to coil it for storage. Our space-saving garden hose has a seamless bullet fabric cover. It won’t tear or burst. And it’s 6x stronger than other expandable hoses. Pocket Hose Bullet features a 3/4-inch diameter inner hose so you’ll get a powerful water stream. Pocket Hose Bullet exclusive amber-tip connector protectors prevents leaks. The included spray nozzle has three adjustable stream setti

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